How to paint furniture with auto paint?

Question by linzed: How to paint furniture with auto paint?
I have some ugly wood furniture that i’d like to paint with auto paint for a really colorful, metallic finish. What’s the best way to paint wood with auto paint? Anybody done this before?

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Answer by ozarks bum
It would be doubtful that you could get a metallic finish look on wood, when it is meant for primed metal. However, if you think you have to try, it would be best to do it by using a paint sprayer. Not a Wagner powerpainter, which is meant for latex and enamel and doesn’t have the misting capabilities, that compressed air driven sprayers have. Use very light coats, or you will get run. Car paint is a bit thinner than house paint. It runs easily. If you have someone near you who has a compressor you can rent a spray gun head for it, that has a can for the paint and a nozzle plus the trigger for application.
You have to use a thinner to get the old paint out of the can and the sprayer itself, or the rental place will be really upset.

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