Can you use auto paint to paint a boat?

Question by Justin R: Can you use auto paint to paint a boat?
I’m sure its probably not the best way, but I am curious if it might hold up for a season or two?……and if auto paint is an absolute “no go” how much different is it to D.I.Y. the proper way
I’m really just trying to keep costs down. the most expensive part in panting just about anything is the time and labor put into prep, which I don’t plan on taking any short cuts with. I have plenty of time and elbow grease, just not allot of cash.

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Answer by Aaron
well i can tell you this in order to apply paint to a surface as fiberglass you would have to get all the salt wax and other debris and scruff up the surface a bit.I knew a guy who did this and it did look good how ever he didn’t “prime” the boat first and well it started to peel and looked like crap.I always say if you want to go the cheap way you have to understand that it will cost you more when you go and fix that mistake then if you just did it right the first way!They make a product called emron that’s what you use to paint a paint is for auto’s.

!!!!!!!! well if you have the time and elbow grease your half way there.I work at a boat yard and i found over the years the best way to apply any thing and keep it on to is indeed the prep work sanding wiping and acetone.The emron is not that costly if you compare it all around.Make sure to follow all instructions provided with the products.In the long run its would be the same prep work as if you did the auto paint.but since your saving money on the labor i would go for the emron you will be happy you did

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