Different Types Of Auto Body Wax

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Auto wax is an important thing to have to protect the shine and luster of your automotive paint. In fact, most plants, fruits and vegetables have a thin protective coating of wax. Waxes are also produced by animals; even man makes wax for his ears.

It’s estimated that 80% of all automotive detailing and aviation aircraft cleaning commercial wax is petroleum based wax. Petroleum wax is chemically inactive in a sense and probably why it is so widely preferred by dent repair technicians. It is also cheaper to make than to harvest, has lots of uses and is odorless.

Some of the different types of wax are;

Carnauba wax is on the leaves of the carnauba palm trees. You can tell a good carnauba wax by the quickness water beads.

Candelilla wax comes is a brown wax and not only have people used it on cars it is used in phonograph records, floor dressings, and candles. This plant grows in parts of Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala and sometimes in the southwestern United States. It is also a major component of candle wax used in our homes.

Polymer wax includes the very popular Teflon, yes a polymer brand Name used by Dupont. Polymer wax is a chain of compounds made of petroleum sources and now days from Corn products. Polymers, which are strung together, are generally applied in specific thick nesses to clear coats on cars and depending on the mixture can be quite incredible indeed. So good in fact that they are often called sealants and some last as long as a year when applied in the right mixtures and thick nesses.

The wax section alone offers products formulated for new paint, old paint, clear-coated paint, scratched paint, oxidized paint• “just about everything but roller-applied paint. Many of these products claim to restore routinely maintained paint to its original factory finish.

Auto body wax come in different forms, and you should learn about all of them before purchasing. Synthetic and Natural car waxes both work well on modern cars. Wax can come in liquid or past form, each having their own benefits depending on the application method.

These days, choosing car wax often boils down to convenience. Fans of the by-hand wax on/wax off method can pick between liquid or paste wax. Buffer masters are best served with liquid waxes. Swirls and fine scratches can either be removed in a separate step using a product designed for that purpose or in a single step with a wax that’s formulated with its own polishers. All in all, look for the following car waxes and you’ll get that perfect shine for your weekend retreat.

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