Custom Car Painting

Custom Car Painting

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Custom Car Painting

Most people who have been in accidents, or a car that is in rough shape, or even bored with their current shade of paint, choose to repaint their vehicle at some point or another.  You can pick just about any color out there, but some people enjoy custom car painting.  The custom car painting fad is very popular, because it is unique and people strive to be different.  Typically custom car painting jobs are a little bit more expensive just because more work is required to accomplish the exact look the consumer is going for.  Most custom car painting on average will run at about $4,000 dollars to about $8,000 dollars give or take.  Obviously the larger the vehicle the more expensive the custom car painting will cost, just because there is a larger canvas to paint.  Most body shops will actually reduce the cost on custom car painting jobs if the consumer sands and buffs the vehicle ahead of time, because it cuts down preparation time for the company.  Most people, when shopping around and getting quotes on custom car painting jobs, will typically receive 3-4 quotes.  However, after researching and getting the quotes consumers will always notice that Maaco custom car painting is the cheapest around.

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Custom Car Paint

The custom car paint through Maaco is about $250 dollars to $400 dollars and the typical price is usually $300 dollars, give or take.  The custom car paint jobs through competitors is anywhere from around $1,000 dollars up to around $10,000 dollars.  Maaco actually is very inexpensive and does a great job.  I really do not understand why some consumers feel the need to custom car paint for $10,000 dollars when they own a vehicle worth maybe $3,000 dollars.  I suggest blue booking your car and finding out the value first, before you invest a lot of money into a custom car paint job, because in the long run you may be losing out tremendously.

Custom Auto Paint

When deciding on what type of custom auto paint to go with, I suggest asking the experts first.  The custom auto paint specialists can give you an idea on what type of paint color a certain car should have based on the decade it was built in.  For instance you would not take a gorgeous, brand new; Dodge Charger and custom auto paint it a sea foam green shade.  Now, if you owned a 1956 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, then I would recommend a custom auto paint sea foam green, because that color along with other lighter shades of paint were more popular in that time period.  I am sure you will have more questions then what I have explained in this article so if you have any other questions pertaining to custom auto paint, prices, contact information, and hours of operation than I would suggest visiting Maaco’s website.   I would not only visit Maaco’s website for questions and answers, but for coupons as well.

I understand shopping around for the best deal can be time consuming, but I promise you it will be worth it.  I would just go around talking to people who may have had a paint job done in the past or recently and ask them about their experience.  If for some reason you cannot find anyone with experience in getting their vehicle repainted than I suggest visiting the World Wide Web.  You can find boat loads of information pertaining to consumers reviews, comments, thoughts and opinions and maybe, hopefully, by doing your research the internet and or friends and family, will have persuaded you one way or another.  I know that I have researched quite a bit on paint jobs and custom paintings, and if you would like to save yourself the time and energy you can always take my word.  Maaco does an incredible job for a very low and affordable price.  They beat out over thirty three percent of their competitors and have been around for over 30 years.  Usually when a company sticks around through recessions and economy hard times it proves it can last for a long time.  Maaco has even endured complaints and negative reviews, but has managed to keep its head up high and move forward.  Again I would like to remind you that if you are going to paint your car, look online for ways to save money.  I already mentioned how you can sand and buff your car, but there are other small things consumers can do to save time and money.  Believe me, Maaco wants returning customers and the only way to have returning customers for any business is to make sure they are happy.  Well the public seems to be the happiest when they are getting good deals, good service, and good products and Maaco has taken that in to consideration and live by it.

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